Top quality

Lombardini produces its coffee with the expertise of 60 years of experience.

Great attention is given to every detail to guarantee absolute taste pleasure, from selecting the finest coffee varieties from all around the world, up to the moment when you enjoy a delicious cup of espresso coffee.

Lombardini’s coffee is unique, not only because it is made from carefully selected exquisite varieties of beans, but also because we give great emphasis on maintaining the aroma of the coffee beans. This is achieved through innovative processing methods and packaging. Highest standards are guaranteed to give a richer and more intense coffee than any other you have ever tried before.

Lombardini Espresso sells professional coffee machines and integrated solutions from leading companies in the industry. Amongst others, Lombardini collaborates with renowned manufacturers Conti Espresso and Wega, which hold a leading position in the global market, offering numerous models that meet the needs of any business. Coffee grinders are also available from Eureka and Mezza, which are characterized by their high quality, precision and reliability.

After sales support

With utter respect for its consumers, Lombardini, apart from providing equipment and products of superior quality and taste, also offers full technical support through our network of specialized partners. With the purchase of our equipment customers are offered a full training program on delivery, equipment guarantee (in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications) and support at any time needed.


Passion for top quality coffee drives Lombardini Espresso to search for and select the best ways of preparing coffee and the most creative ways of serving coffee and related beverages. And combining the latest technologies and trends in the coffee business and with high expertise resulting from 60 years of presence, Lombardini’s expert trainers are able to guide you through achieving excellent results that will impress both in taste and aesthetics.

Our company organizes seminars to meet the needs of customers, for baristas, café owners and companies’ staff. The seminars cover all areas of producing and serving coffee and other beverages, with particular emphasis on presentation, and expertise in latte art, the most impressive feature of the art of serving.

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