How to make the perfect coffee

The word espresso is not just an Italian word but a definition of its own that with the right preparation steps can ensure a trip to smooth texture and intense aromas.

How to make the perfect Espresso:

  • In a hot and clean portafilter place 7-8 gr of freshly ground coffee.
  • Spread evenly and press well with the tamper.
  • Fasten the tamper to the group of the machine and let 30ml run for approximately 25'' in a warm and clean mug of 70ml capacity.
How to make the perfect Cappuccino:

Follow the steps for a perfect espresso using a cup of 120ml capacity.

Then, add milk and frothed milk in equal amounts, which you have earlier steamed, but make sure the temperature does not exceed 65°C.

With latte art techniques, the ideal methods for the correct separation of milk from coffee, we can achieve impressive results.