In 2013 Lombardini took part in the 8th annual HORECA, the largest exhibition in Greece and one of the biggest and most popular of its kind worldwide. The exhibition has attracted tens of thousands of professional visitors and friends of coffee, serving as a very effective business forum. Lombardini had the opportunity to display its products and services and give visitors the unique experience of tasting espresso beverages and getting acquainted to the company’s philosophy, leading hence to many new alliances.

Lombardini, with its first participation in an exhibition as part of Isigonis Group, had the opportunity to present its products, introducing to the public the individual blends and rich flavors that make its coffee unique. Both its products, as well as Lombardini’s specialized baristi successfully passed all coffee tasting tests proving the quality of the products and services of Lombardini. Lombardini’s baristi created delectable chocolate and coffee beverages using the art of latte art and impressing all attendees. At the same time, visitors had the opportunity to explore all the advanced technology business machines and appliances supplied by Lombardini.