Terms of Use & Conditions

Welcome to our website www.lombardiniespresso.com is the online store owned by TWENTY FOUR SHOPEN A.E. (VAT Number: 999842166, Tax Office: FAE ATHENS), located at Ind. Area of Markopoulo, Stroggyli, Dorovateza, Markopoulo Mesogeas, P.C. 19003,
Phone: 210 7707415
By accessing the website or using material from this website www.brewtuscoffee.com, you accept the following terms. You are not allowed to use our website unless you accept the following terms.
The prices of the products you see on www.lombardiniespresso.com apply exclusively to online purchases from our online store www.lombardiniespresso.com

Personal Data
Our main priority is the protection and proper use of your personal data. For this reason, we would like to inform you that our company fully complies with the new provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into effect on May 25, 2018.
We must protect your privacy, inform you of how and why we use your personal data, allow you to change or delete them (all or part of them), and inform you responsibly if anything happens. For more information, please consult our privacy policy.

Items for Sale
The characteristics and other details of the products for sale are available, and interested parties can find information by following the search instructions specified on the website of the online store and clicking on the name of the respective product. If you wish to know some or all the information about one or more products before making a purchase, you can contact us at info@lombardiniespresso.com or by phone at 216 0020220.

Orders and Contract Formation
The Customer’s proposal is exclusively submitted via the Internet by completing and submitting the relevant Order Form available on the online store. The confirmation of receipt of the purchase proposal, which is automatically sent immediately after the submission of the order, certifies that the customer’s order has been received by our company. However, it does not constitute acceptance of the customer’s purchase proposal. Acceptance of the purchase proposal will only occur after the declaration of acceptance of the proposal by our company, which will be sent in a separate order confirmation and dispatch confirmation email. Upon sending the order confirmation and dispatch confirmation by our company, both the Customer and our company are bound to purchase and sell the product, respectively, at the specified purchase price.
In any case, please note that:
• Various offers are valid until stocks are depleted.
• The company, in good faith, is not responsible for and is not bound by electronic data entries that are made due to mistakes/errors in common experience and has the right to correct them whenever it becomes aware of their existence.
• If you find that a product is offered at an unusually low or high price compared to its market value, before participating in its order, please contact us at info@lombardiniespresso.com or by phone at 216 0020220.

Product Availability
The Customer is informed about the products and their availability through indications on the online store or through communication with the online store. The company reserves the right not to accept a specific order and therefore not to prepare the sale, provided that the products are not available at the time of the order. In case the lack of availability concerns part of the products in the order, the remaining part of the order is executed normally unless the Customer states that they do not wish to partially fulfill the order, in which case the company must cancel the entire order. Any payments are refunded to the Customer without delay, in the same manner the Customer chose to pay for their order or in any other way agreed upon with the Customer.

In the event that a product is not immediately available after the final submission of the order, the company informs the Customer about the possible delivery time. If the time does not satisfy the Customer, the order is canceled and any payments are refunded to the Customer without delay, in the same manner the Customer chose to pay for their order or in any other way agreed upon with the Customer.

The availability of products that do not belong to the “available” category depends on the availability of each supplier.

Product Prices
VAT is included in the prices mentioned in the respective lists below each product. The current VAT rate is 13% for coffee products, beverages, syrups, etc., and 24% for consumables. However, for certain areas of Greece where reduced VAT rates apply, the prices of the products are lower than those mentioned, with a reduced rate. Thus, if the Customer is registered in such an area, then after registration, the order is calculated with the final (reduced) VAT amount for the order.

These prices apply to the available quantities in our warehouse, while www.lombardiniespresso.com reserves the right to adjust the prices.
Shipping Costs

The listed prices of e-shop products do not include shipping costs, which are borne by the Customer and are calculated during the ordering process based on the Customer’s choice of delivery location for the Products. The transportation costs are calculated based on the Customer’s order at the time of submission, through a special link, by entering the Region and Postal Code of the chosen area. Any incorrect entry of shipping information by the Customer that leads to an incorrect calculation of shipping costs does not burden the company but falls on the Customer. For additional charges, shipping, delivery, or correspondence, as well as any other fees, the Customer will be informed prior to submitting their order.

For purchases exceeding €50, the shipping cost is free.

Order Cancellation

For any order cancellation (total or partial), an email must be sent to info@lombardiniespresso.com. This option is available to the Customer until they receive an email notification about the shipment of their order. After this point, no cancellation or modification of the order can be made.

Order Delivery

To receive the order, the Customer must present to the courier’s employee the order confirmation (order number), the shipment notification, and an official identification document (ID card, passport, etc.). The Customer must check the received products, as their signature confirms that they have received the appropriate receipt, and from that point on, the risk transfers to the Customer.

Delivery Time

The delivery time of the products is determined in the order depending on the availability of the products and their place of shipment, which is confirmed by the acceptance of the order by the company. If the order concerns a product that requires pre-ordering, the delivery times may vary. The availability in each case is mentioned in the product description on the website. Orders are usually shipped within 2-3 working days (depending on the existence and availability of the product), unless the Customer is located in a remote area where the order is delivered within 3-5 days. In any case, the company must deliver the products no later than thirty (30) days from the moment of sale, otherwise, in the absence of a written agreement for an extension of time (via email), the Customer is entitled to unilaterally cancel the order in writing. Once the order is canceled and the sales contract is terminated, the company must promptly refund all the money paid by the Customer in full. For bulky or special orders, or orders customized to the customer’s requirements, the thirty (30) day delivery time does not apply, and the delivery time is agreed upon with the Customer in writing (via email).

Payment Methods

In order to facilitate and serve everyone who wishes to make purchases from our online store, www.lombardiniespresso.com offers the following alternative payment methods to its Customers:

With a credit, debit, or prepaid card. The payment will be made through your card (You will be redirected to a secure connection of Alpha Bank).

Bank deposit
You can choose the bank that suits you to deposit the amount of your order. In the deposit or at the bank’s office, you should enter your full name as a justification. To expedite your order, you can send us an email to info@lombardiniespresso.com.

Our company’s bank account, where you can deposit the money, is:

ALPHA BANK GR5701403490349002002008448

For purchases over €50, the shipping cost is free.

Also, at www.lombardiniespresso.com, the Customer has the opportunity to choose whether the payment will be made with a retail receipt or an invoice. An invoice is issued to professionals if they select and fill in the following information regarding the order: Name, Tax Office, Tax Identification Number, and activity subject.

Delivery of goods that are manufactured according to the consumer’s specifications or clearly personalized.
Delivery of goods that may be modified or expire soon.
Supply of sealed goods that are not suitable for return due to health or hygiene reasons and have been unsealed after delivery.

In order to avoid inconvenience, it is recommended that the customer carefully check the condition of the products sold and their intact packaging at the time of delivery, in order to identify any visible defects (e.g., typographical errors, etc.).

If you wish to return the products you purchased through www.lombardiniespresso.com, the address to which the products should be sent for a refund is: Ind. Area of Markopoulo, Stroggyli, Dorovateza, Markopoulo Mesogeas, P.C 19003, accompanied by the retail receipt.

Liability for defective products

Regardless of the customer’s right of withdrawal, the company is liable according to the provisions of the Civil Code when the product purchased by the customer does not conform to the contract, especially when it has a genuine defect or does not have the agreed-upon properties.

In case of the company’s liability for a genuine defect or due to the absence of the agreed-upon condition of the product, the customer is entitled to: (a) demand, at no cost to him, the repair or replacement of the product with another, unless this (b) request a price reduction or (c) withdraw from the sales contract unless it is a substantial genuine defect. If the customer chooses to have the product repaired or replaced, the company must make the repair or replacement within a reasonable period of time.

The company will replace the products purchased by the customer in all cases where, due to a proven error on the company’s part, products other than those ordered were delivered to the customer or were substantially different from those ordered.


The company maintains and assumes no liability for any temporary or permanent inability to provide services, as well as delays in accepting and executing orders and delivering ordered products, for reasons that cannot be attributed to its fault, such as force majeure events (strikes, earthquakes, fires, adverse weather conditions, etc.) or unforeseen circumstances or events, such as malfunctions of courier partners, accidental alteration or destruction of products before delivery to the user and after unlawful interference by the contracting party or a third party, malfunction of the internet payment processing provider (bank) or the hosting provider or the internet service provider or the access provider or the user terminal equipment, incorrect provision of information by the user, and generally any event that prevents the smooth fulfillment of its contractual obligations. The company’s liability is limited to its commitments under the contract with the consumer, and it will make every effort to meet them within a reasonable timeframe.

User Liability

The User agrees and undertakes to use this website, as well as the services, information, and data of the online store, in accordance with the law and good faith. The User agrees to provide true and accurate information in their transactions with the online store. The User assumes full responsibility for the use of their account in the online store by unauthorized persons and for any damage suffered by the company as a result.

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform

On 15/02/2016, Directive 2013/11/EC, which provides for the possibility of electronic resolution of consumer disputes through the online dispute resolution (ODR) platform of the European Commission, was incorporated into Greek legislation (by CFC 70330/2015). It is an alternative mechanism for resolving disputes through certified alternative dispute resolution (ADR) operators who undertake to reconcile consumer and supplier disputes online, quickly and at low cost (compared to courts). In this context, the European Alternative Dispute Resolution Body (http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr) is the hub for managing consumer requests for their submission to suppliers.
When a consumer encounters any problem with a purchase made from the E-Shop and resides within the EU, they can use this website for out-of-court resolution of the dispute.
It is worth noting that the contracting parties can withdraw from the process at any stage and proceed with the entire process in the competent courts.
Consumers should contact the supplier before submitting an application to the alternative dispute resolution entity to promptly resolve the dispute.