The ideal Coffee Shop


The perfect coffee requires the perfect machine, grinding and “hand”. At Lombardini we ensure that the grinding machines and mills are the best.
We provide our customers with top quality equipment. Our team consists of highly skilled baristas and technicians. This means that we can provide comprehensive, high-level services to our customers.


The passion for quality coffee drives Lombardini Espresso to search for and choose the best brewing methods and the most creative ways to serve coffee and related beverages.

By combining the latest technologies and trends in the field of coffee with the high know-how resulting from 60 years of presence, Lombardini’s instructors are able to guide you to achieve excellent results that will impress in taste and aesthetics.

Our company organizes targeted seminar programs for baristas, cafe owners and company staff, which are tailored to your needs. The seminars cover all areas of production and serving of coffee and other beverages, with a special emphasis on their presentation and specialization in latte art which is the most impressive aspect of the art of serving.

Training Center

Lombardini’s training center is located at the group’s headquarters in Athens. It is a space dedicated to the most modern coffee education. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and top quality products, it serves not only as a center for professional coffee training, but also as a space for taste and cultural exploration.

Designed by the manufacturing department of Isigonis Group and staffed by expert baristas, our training center provides training and services that are directly linked to and promote the culture of Italian espresso.

The purpose of the training program is to demonstrate and impart the art of coffee making, in order to ensure the excellence of the product both at the time of preparation and consumption.

A place where passion for coffee meets tradition and the need for experimentation meets innovation

After Sales Support

Honoring your trust and with the security offered by our long experience, deep knowledge and passion for coffee, we offer immediate and high-level technical support through our network of specialized partners.

Training – Warranty – Support

With the purchase of your equipment, we take care of your full training by providing a warranty and 24-hour support at all times responding to your every need.